sweet buttons

Sweet buttons
I sewed a button on something! It's amazing; a post-Christmas miracle if you will…

Sweet button
There it is 🙂 It's attached to a piece of knitting that I did a couple of years ago, initially intended to be a scarf but the yarn ran out before it was long enough. So now it is a marvelous hip warmer/knitted warm up thing (trust me I look fabulous in it!), it goes so well with my legwarmers…

Sweet hip warmer
stars not my work…

In other sweet news, I am on a sugar and wheat avoiding thing, eating these flapjacks and feeling mellow. While I can't compete with Cat's pie, I have been baking sugary things for other people and they're quite pretty:

Sweet buns

Sweet cakes

Drafting patterns and sewing muslins when really, I don’t sew

Soooooo, I might have mentioned it before but I'm not a sewer (that is sew-er rather than a place where excrement goes to live). This was much to the embarrassment of my mum who was a home economics teacher. I clearly remember having to do some sort of sewing badge at Brownies and Brown Owl actually had a word with my mum so that in the end she made whatever it was I massively failed to. (I also recall my knitting being no better and every row I knitted at school had to be removed and re-knitted by my Gran whenever I snuck it home. While everyone else had full jumpers by the end of the year I had half of one sleeve. Fail!) Point is I don't sew…so why have I recently become obsessed with it? I thought perhaps it was a hormonal glitch which caused a burst of sewing activity many months ago but I find myself planning outfits in my head and visualising the seams and finishing touches. It's very strange. I didn't even have any patterns until recently when, along with those beautiful knitting patterns, I acquired quite a few. 

Soooooo, I find myself sewing with patterns which are missing pieces (which I have to recreate using nothing more than the image on the front and some logic) and ones which have no instructions. Some have both pieces missing and no instructions. I still plan to make them and I'll happily show them off but they may be hugely distorted. In the meantime I'm learning about dressmaking muslin's (see picture above which also shows my own drafted piece of pattern) which should reduce the risk of my outfits being deformed but do rely on me having some patience and essentially making the same outfit twice. I'm starting with what is described on the pattern cover as a "topper" and it does have a lovely pair of ruffled bloomers or sunsuit to accompany it. As much as I like the idea of a ruffled bottomed sunsuit for myself it is really for baby. Yes I know. Shame!

Any helpful sewing tips to share?

Preparing the nest Part 1

Nest building is hitting fever pitch now I have entered the third trimester. Suddenly birth does not seem that far away and what with christmas and new year to contend with it will fly by. Best to get slightly prepared. It's worth noting at this point that I am not someone who sews. Really and truly. I don't think I have sewn since I was desperately earning Brownie badges back in the early eighties. Even then my mum, a home ecenomics teacher, had to help me with even the most basic projects much to her shame I'm sure. She concealed it well. My point is that what you see here is the result of an over-abundance of hormones coursing through my veins as it's the only explanation I have for this sudden sewing fervour. The most surprising thing about it all is that it turns out I'm not too awful at it and for that I have no explanation.


Ah, baby shoes. I got the free pattern from Maked (via Omiyage). I had scraps of fabric left over from various other endeavours and thought I'd give them a whirl one evening while seriously sleep deprived. This naturally resulted in much cursing and seam ripping as I sewed bits on upside down and the first shoe took about half an hour to put together after cutting it out. The remaining shoes took about 5 minutes. So now I have small shoes which may or may not fit on a child's foot. It's hard to tell. Perhaps they will cut off all circulation within 5 minutes. We'll see. Also, not really a beginners project but then I wasn't aware of that and went for it anyway. Best approach I always feel. I mentioned that I had made shoes to the in-laws and the response was that they would be suitable if it was a girl. Really? I  think my choice of fabric is fairly unisex and, well, all babies need shoes surely.  


A bib. One of many I have been making but mainly because they are so easy and therefore satisfying to complete. I think this was the 2nd one I ever made and these bibs were my first attempt at any real sewing since the aforementioned eighties. This is a roundabout way of saying excuse the stitching round the edges which has improved since this attempt. I love this fabric and OK, it's not the most neutral of colours what with the very obvious pink but hey ho it's for a baby and really it won't know. The pattern for this comes from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol although there are bib patterns and tutorials all over the web. 

Now these I am very proud of. The pattern is a purchasable download from Made by Rae called Big Butt Baby Pants. The big butt is to accommodate the slightly more bulky reusable nappies which I intend to use. I made these reversible as I just felt that the material was too thin on its own for a winter baby and that the exposed seams would irritate the skin. I'm not sure how I made them reversible really. I just made another pair of trousers and inserted them inside the other and then sewed them up all neat and pretty. I suspect I'll never be able to do it again.

So that's part one of preparing the nest but the question is…how many baby bibs, shoes and trousers does a baby need?