MoFo completed!

Thirty one days of MoFo. We did it! What can I say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I did cheat though and only wrote 23 posts, with Hannah and Lucy very kindly stepping in for the weekends, and I have utmost respect for everyone who managed it on there own. MoFo is challenging but, I feel, for all the right reasons. Personally I enjoy a challenge once in a while and I saw it as a motivator to boost my creativity. What came out of MoFo  was the realisation that I have plenty ideas but not always the time (currently) to act upon them and that’s OK, the time will come. It also crystallised some thoughts and ideas I had buzzing round my head , boosted my creativity in other aspects of my life and forced me to be more organised and productive.

MoFo also introduced me to some fantastic new to me blogs in the UK (hello Vegan in Brighton and Tea and Sympatico! *waves maniacally*) as well as a multitude of Global blogs. I’m still catching up with them all and maybe I’ll be done by the end of the year. If I get the time I’ll do a round up of my favourite posts and blogs.

So, what usually happens now is I regress to posting sporadically and guiltily but not this time! I’m not saying I’ll be posting every day but once a week most definitely. (Because there might not be any strict pattern to the posting subscribing to the rss feed, twitter or emails is always a good option). So here’s cheers to another good MoFo and I’ll raise a glass of peppermint hot chocolate topped with a flaxseed marshmallow fluff  (found via this vegan meringue post by the incredibly innovative Wing-It Vegan).

peppermint hot chocolate topped with vegan marshmallow fluff


Vegan MoFo: Happy New Year!

Contrary to what you might think I have not gone mad…although 31 days of MoFo could do that.

Samhain, or Halloween, is the old new year and I feel entirely happy adopting it as my own. So much better than the usual New Year, or Hogmanay as it’s known in Scotland, where the purpose is to get hammered. The old New Year begins at dusk so I guess that technically it’s not the new year yet…but lets not get pedantic.

A Traditional part a of new year is making resolutions but more recently I prefer goals. Goals can’t be broken and are something to strive towards where, as everyone knows, resolutions are made to be broken.

So here are three food goals which are doable and achievable:

1) Work more wheat free meals into my diet.

This isn’t because I have any allergy or intolerance and I have no intention of giving up wheat at all but with toast for breakfast, couscous for lunch and pasta for dinner ,well, even I can see it’s verging on excessive. It’s far too easy an option and wheat is pervasive, sneaking into so many things. Variety is good, it is the spice of life after all, so I must expand my carbohydrate repertoire. Just not too sure how yet.

2)Eat as seasonally as possible.

You know…without being too precious about it. I am a major proponent of seasonal eating and we already do our bit but I’m all for more! I truly believe that eating produce which is appropriate to your season is healthier for you. There are many reasons why, in the northern hemisphere anyway, we should eat roots in autumn and winter and fresh leafy salads in spring and summer. I know that automatically I am drawn to warmer, earthier meals in the winter months and lighter, cooler foods in the summer. That’s  not to say that salads can’t be eaten in winter but base them on carrot, beetroot, cabbage and celeriac rather than tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Anyway, before I get off topic, seasonal foods shall be increased…except lemons. I can’t not have lemons!

3) Get back to preserving.

I love having a cupboard full of pickles, chutneys, jams and other preserves. Others might find it pointless and time consuming but I find it calming and a necessary part of connecting me to the seasons. Also, it’s a sneaky way of eating unseasonal fruits and vegetables legitimately without them being in season!

So those are my food goals for my new year. Have you any goals for the new year?

Menu planned meals

Here's the proof that I really do menu plan. I've tried to link to as many recipes as I can or to the cookbooks I use. If there's no link the recipe has either come from my head or an old Vegetarian Good Food Magazine. The toddler had all the meals (except onion soup, she had hummus instead) and the only things she wasn't that keen on were the sausage rolls and chips! It's by no means perfect and every day isn't as balanced as it could be but that's partly why I menu plan…to constantly improve our diet.

Jun 27 – Wednesday
Khichri (Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian Cookbook )(Lunch)
Mint & Almond Pesto (River Cottage Veg Every Day!) (Dinner) 
Green Salad (Dinner)

Jun 28 – Thursday
Chickpea Salad (Lunch)
Pitta Bread (Lunch)
Vegetable Korma (Dinner)
Rice (Dinner)
Jun 29 – Friday
Sweet corn Fritters (River Cottage Veg Every Day! ) (Lunch)
Carrot & Tahini Burgers (Dinner)
Lemon Tahini Yogurt Sauce (Dinner)

Jun 30 – Saturday
Courgette & Rice Soup (Lunch)
Sausage Rolls (you'll need to scroll down a bit but it's the Cranks sausage rolls) (Dinner)
Chips (Dinner)
Coleslaw (Dinner)

Jul 01 – Sunday
Courgette And Rice Soup (Lunch)
Macaroni Cheese (Dinner)
Green Beans (Dinner)

Jul 02 – Monday
Broccoli Lemon Pasta (Lunch)
Dal (Dinner)
Rice (Dinner)
Beet Cheera Pachadi (Dinner)

Jul 03 – Tuesday
Onion Soup (Lunch)
Falafel (Dinner)
Pitta Bread (Dinner)

baked apologies

I'm sorry. I haven't been baking and therefore have been a terribly  poor participant in vegan bake month. I am in awe of the beautiful breads, pizzas, cakes and spring rolls below… but have mainly been making juices, smoothies, salads, sushi rolls and things like that… but there were some baked potatoes.

Ta da!


I had great plans to then photograph them served with baked beans (misleadingly named, I think they are boiled in the tins) and rice salad but was ADHD style distracted by reading, writing and sunshine… that keeps happening…

However, though there is no photo, I did make a very nice salad with the extra ones the following day: cube the leftover baked tatties leaving the skins on, roughly chop two oranges and a cucumber. Dressing: a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard beaten up with a tablespoon of walnut oil and some lime juice… lovely 🙂