The bake month posts that never were

I have finally got my computer back! Remember this post where I clearly stated I would have it back by April? Yeah, that never happened. I blame the University for giving him extensions! Anyway, done now and to ease myself back into posting here are a couple of bake month posts that never happened:

Spinoccoli Pizza

vegan broccoli pizza

Spinoccoli pizza minus the spin. A quick white sauce (which must get blogged about as I make it weekly, sometimes twice weekly (tweekly?)) with nutritional yeast, dijon mustard and lemon juice added and cooked broccoli stirred in all spread on to a pizza base. It was supposed to have spinach in it too but I threw in some parsley instead. It was enjoyed by everyone even the 'always disappointed by pizza with no cheese' person.

One Recipe Three Ways: Savoury Crackers

vegan savoury cracker dough

This was supposed to be another 'One Recipe Three Ways Post' but I kept forgetting to photograph the finished crackers even though I've made them about three times since I took the above photo. They are that good. 

The basic dough (in the middle) is just a tweaked version of Chef Chloe's Goldfish Crackers (which I first heard about through Maple Spice blog) to which I have added a handful of dried onions instead of the onion powder and about a tablespoon of smoked paprika. The little lady consumes these at an astounding rate.

On the right there is a lime pickle dough (basic dough minus the smoked paprika but with a couple of tablespoons of chunky lime pickle blended with it) and on the left a sundried tomato dough (basic dough with a few tablespoons sundried tomato paste…I used a squeezy tube one which also has garlic, capers and herbs in it). They are all exceptionally quick and tasty and very good while still warm. Each ball of dough makes a huge amount of crackers and often I'll just use half and throw the other half in either the fridge (if I'll make more the next day) or in the freezer (if I know I'll be lazy). Either way the dough is quite forgiving. Oh, and I just use a small star shaped cutter rather than a goldfish.



A mound of oaty cookies

Whoops! Accidentally ate all the pretty cookies and was left with a pile of cookies all stuck together. No matter, they still tasted great.

Oaty Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie

They were "the best healthy chocolate chip cookies" from Chocolate Covered Katie. Mine look completely different, probably because I whizzed up oats in my not-so-powerful blender so didn't have such fine flour and the I added a little too much milk; 3.5 tablespoons would have been enough. I used almonds instead of macadamias and added 1/4 tsp almond extract too. Even with my love of sweet things, I think the sugar could be reduced to 6 tbs without any problems and I'd probably reduce the salt a little because I always do. I got 12 fairly large cookies so it would probably be a good idea to double if you like lots of cookies.

Seedy bread

Seedy bread
A wholesome loaf filled with oats and seeds from Pastry Affair. I doubled the recipe and used 50g fresh yeast. It took just an hour to double in size then another half hour after forming into loaves. This is another bread that turns out best when baked in a tin. It's really good toasted as long as you don't start thinking the sunflower seeds are woodlice.

Serve it with ice-cream!

Tahini brownie and ice-cream

That's how you eat baked goods in summer. Plus the ice-cream made these tahini brownies 1000 times better. I used 1/3 cup rum in the batter so they were very boozy without the creamy deliciousness of a little Oatly ice-cream. I really like tahini these days and enjoyed the brownies but I would skip the rum next time. The texture was pretty good, flaky surface but a little gooey inside, but they were not as good as Fanny's super fudgy brownies. I still haven't made Fanny's brownies for myself. Sugar clouds scare me a little. I presume I could use icing sugar and skip the blending step but I may have to whizz granulated sugar once to check if it is still 3/4 of a cup afterwards.


Pasty filled with spiced carrots and chickpeas with greasy potato wedges and vomit like (in appearance only, thankfully) creamed corn. I like pasties, they are filling and perfect for lunch the next day. Plus they look vaguely like stegosaurus. I had a small circle of pastry left over which I filled with apple sauce, cinnamon and a few walnuts. That was even better.

Rhubarb and orange crumble

When I was little we had a patch of rhubarb growing in the back corner of the garden. I thoroughly enjoyed eating it raw, dipped in sugar. My mum dug it up years ago and I don't think I've had rhubarb since until last night. The supermarket had lovely ruby red rhubarb so I bought a few stalks with no real plan. When looking up recipes, most required 1kg and I only had 450g. I briefly considered roasting it as suggested by Nigel Slater. I also found a pdf with recipes from the book he recommends, "Rhubarbaria" by Mary Prior but none of them really appealed to me. I decided just to make a crumble and settled on this one.

Rhubarb crumble

I didn't read the recipe very carefully when I chose it. I presumed the orange would just be the zest and maybe the juice but it had chunks of orange in it. I'm not all that keen on orange but I put it in anyway. I replaced the stem ginger with a small chunk of grated root ginger. The crumble was quite nice but not incredible. It could do with a bit more sugar (probably because I didn't use stem ginger and because I am a sugar addict). If I buy any more rhubarb, I'd make it with apple instead of orange. Or maybe just make this pie instead.