Much soup eating has occurred in this house since November. Partly because its cheap, partly because its warming but mainly because its easy. My cooking mojo upped and left for a while and, honestly, it’s not completely back but with soup you get something wholesome, healthy, simple and usually edible. It’s usually the perfect way to meld those random ingredients into a meal. The above soup is tomato and lentil , one that seems particularly versatile and easy to throw together. Just onions, garlic, lentils, tomatoes, some veg stock and some herbs/spices. Nothing complicated. Sometimes I might add carrots or sweet potatoes. Maybe some chopped spinach might find its way in. All good.

Some other soup ideas are: minestrone, tomato and coconut, lentil and vegetable, roasted root vegetable, leek and potato, lentil and sweet potato, lentil and roast garlic, tomato rasam, Hungarian bean and paprika, courgette and rice (with pesto) or Thai banana and coconut.

Do you have a favourite soup?


5 thoughts on “Soup

  1. Tomato and coconut sounds a bit strange. I suppose it would be like cream of tomato with a hint of coconut? Jonathan would probably vomit at the thought of a banana soup.

    • I always use creamed coconut grated in for he tomato and coconut as coconut milk tastes odd with it. It is like a cream of tomato soup but tastier. The banana soup is, granted, a bit odd but delicious.

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  2. We’ve been having carrot soup made creamy with cashews quite a bit lately, sometimes spicy. I like the sound of the tomato and coconut, I use that mix in curries and it’s lovely 🙂

    • Creamy carrot soup might be nice. I’m a bit funny about carrot soup because it HAS to be made with lovely dirty carrots and not supermarket ones otherwise it tastes all wrong! I do sometimes make a cream of tomato soup using cashews which is lovely too but the creamed coconut makes the tomato soup extra thick and creamy.

      Sent from my iPod. Please excuse any strange autocorrection!

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