biscuit bakeathon

A few days a go I had an overwhelming urge to bake and when this happens baking one thing just will not do. Along with the twice weekly star crackers I decided to branch out and try some of the baked goods from Vegan with a Vengeance. I’ve  had this book for many, many years and in all that time I have only ever made the BBQ tofu (very good) and the coconut cupcakes (good but if you leave them overnight they become excellent) so rather than leave it languishing on the shelf I thought I’d give some other recipes a try.

lemon cut out biscuits

lemon cut out biscuits: Not a big success. The dough was improbably soft and never firmed up after chilling. Then they were exceptionally difficult to roll and cut out. They also did not crisp up. I ate them anyway of course.

vegan...whoopie pies? They were *supposed* to be thumbprint cookies though...

The thumbprint cookies…well, admittedly I have no real idea what a thumbprint cookie should be like but  I’m fairly sure this is not it. The dough was, again, so soft it wasn’t possible to roll it into balls so I just dolloped them on the baking sheet. What I got were the most delicious Whoopie pies so I’m not really complaining! Plus I’ll probably make these again and either fill them with icing or dip the whole thing in chocolate.

More successful was the banana lemon loaf and an improved version of this homemade bread (improved by not being so damn stingy with the yeast. I did not know that by doubling the amount of yeast I added it would make it taste, well, tastier. This only dawned on me when reading up on making Vegan Brioche on Celine Steens “have cake, will travel” blog. I have always feared that more yeast would just make the bread taste yeasty but no. It does not).


3 thoughts on “biscuit bakeathon

  1. I don’t think I’ve made any sweet things from that book. Whoopie pies sound good. Did you use Pure margarine? I always find that makes dough way too soft for rolling out.

    • Yes, the pure margarine does make everything soft but it’s not usually as bad as these were. There aren’t many other margarine options in Ayrshire!

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