MoFo completed!

Thirty one days of MoFo. We did it! What can I say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I did cheat though and only wrote 23 posts, with Hannah and Lucy very kindly stepping in for the weekends, and I have utmost respect for everyone who managed it on there own. MoFo is challenging but, I feel, for all the right reasons. Personally I enjoy a challenge once in a while and I saw it as a motivator to boost my creativity. What came out of MoFo  was the realisation that I have plenty ideas but not always the time (currently) to act upon them and that’s OK, the time will come. It also crystallised some thoughts and ideas I had buzzing round my head , boosted my creativity in other aspects of my life and forced me to be more organised and productive.

MoFo also introduced me to some fantastic new to me blogs in the UK (hello Vegan in Brighton and Tea and Sympatico! *waves maniacally*) as well as a multitude of Global blogs. I’m still catching up with them all and maybe I’ll be done by the end of the year. If I get the time I’ll do a round up of my favourite posts and blogs.

So, what usually happens now is I regress to posting sporadically and guiltily but not this time! I’m not saying I’ll be posting every day but once a week most definitely. (Because there might not be any strict pattern to the posting subscribing to the rss feed, twitter or emails is always a good option). So here’s cheers to another good MoFo and I’ll raise a glass of peppermint hot chocolate topped with a flaxseed marshmallow fluff  (found via this vegan meringue post by the incredibly innovative Wing-It Vegan).

peppermint hot chocolate topped with vegan marshmallow fluff


3 thoughts on “MoFo completed!

    • I added vanilla and some icing sugar and it tasted like marshmallows. I think the plain version might be good in things like chocolate mousse which often call for egg white but I’ve not tried that yet. I dont think it would really hold up to being folded into something and baked and I did try adding vege gel to see if it would turn into marshmallow but that didn’t work at all.

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