Vegan MoFo: vegan peppermint hot chocolate


peppermint cream hot chocolate
When autumn rolls in I do like to treat myself on wet blustery days with a hot chocolate. White hot chocolate is always a favourite but a change is always good. Cue a brainwave. While sitting eating a Frys peppermint cream it dawned on my that a rather mintily delicious hot chocolate beverage could be made by simply melting said peppermint cream in some hot non dairy milk. It was, of course, mintily delicious.

(However, fast forward a week and the acceptance of an outdated Kenwood cookbook courtesy of my MIL ( and where I say acceptance add reluctant) and low and behold a recipe for peppermint cream hot chocolate. Only 22 years behind the times then.)


4 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo: vegan peppermint hot chocolate

  1. I made the white hot chocolate the other week and loved it. Will have to give this a go too. I’ve had Fry’s in milkshakes before but never thought of melting them. Great idea!

    • oh, the white hot chocolate is so good! Must stock up on some bags of white chocolate drops for the winter months. The Fry’s milkshake is, dare I say it, my favourite which is worrying as I can buy those bars far too easily.

    • You’ll need to take an empty suitcase back home with you and stock up! If I was less greedy I could send you some but then I’d be depleting my own stock. Shameful!

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