Vegan MoFo: Waffle failure to pancake success

Every 6 months I get an overwhelming urge to try making vegan waffles. Out comes the waffle iron with its caked on debris from last times failure and I gently pick and scrape until its shiny and inviting. I read through all the troubleshooting tips , heat it up, oil it and pour in the batter only to be greeted with a mashed up mess (from opening it too soon) or a hard exterior with hollow innards (when I leave it too long). Ultimately the problem stems from the fact that here in Scotland a waffle is made from potato and should be served with tomato ketchup. I have no idea what a flour based waffle should be like.

However, while in the midst of a disastrous waffle session I made the wondrous discovery that the waffle batter makes the best pancakes (or drop scones) ever. Great straight out the pan, great cold, great toasted the next day. They’re not too sweet (I use plain unsweetened yogurt), they’re light and they’re fluffy.

vegan blueberry pancakes vegan drop scones

(The recipe I use is the Blueberry Waffle recipe from Vegan Yum Yum and I should probably clarify that there is nothing wrong with the waffle recipe just my capabilities and Hannah has infinitely more luck with battered goods than me. Have a look at her waffles with blueberry cream  and her pancakes with berry sauce.


8 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo: Waffle failure to pancake success

  1. They look like delicious pancakes. You made the VYY waffles once when I stayed at your house and they were perfect. It was only then that I realised just how terrible my waffles were and looked for a better recipe.

    • I did!? I have no recollection of my waffle success but maybe that’s why I persist in making them.

      The last time you were here they were disastrous though and I do believe we made them into pancakes then.

      Sent from my iPod. Please excuse any strange autocorrection!

      • It was a while ago, pre-baby and even pre-pregnancy I think. You said how much you like VYY’s recipe as it had exact times you could follow.

        Last time I was at your house I only remember making drop scones intentionally and eating them with jam. Mmmm. Maybe I’ll have some for breakfast.

      • I definitely made disastrous waffles when you and your mum were here. Hmmm, if I’ve done them well before I must be able to do them again. I shall dig out the waffle iron again!

    • Is it just a terribly British thing to be bad at making waffles?

      Maybe it’s a Scottish thing, after all you can’t make them in a frying pan…but pancakes I can!

      Sent from my iPod. Please excuse any strange autocorrection!

  2. I ended up giving my waffle iron away. I could never make them without it sticking. I have just about mastered vegan pancakes! I do however have a Homer Simpson mini doughnut maker which is great with the Vegan Yum Yum baked donut batter and works every time!

  3. I really should just give away my waffle iron but I MUST master waffles!. I suspect that I think they are tastier than they really are which is why I persist! It took me up to this waffle disaster to master pancakes but I am hopeless at thin crepe style pancakes.

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