Vegan MoFo – Stockholm

My parents decided that one week after we moved house was a good time for a visit so other than things found in the freezer, I’ve been eating out. There aren’t a whole load of options in Örebro but I did get a beautiful platter of vegan sushi in East West Sushi and had some tasty yuzu lemonade.

Örebro isn’t so far from Stockholm so my parents spent half their holiday there; there is slightly more to do in the capital. I played guide for two days and found some vegan-friendly restaurants on Happy Cow.

Potstickers was conveniently located next door to the hotel and had delicious dumplings stuffed with seitan. We got the lunch deal which included dipping sauce, side dish and juice.


We also ate at a Malaysian restaurant imaginatively called Malaysia. I had a massive meal of vegetable burgers served with stir-fried veggies and tofu in a curry sauce and rice. It was quite good but rather greasy.


Lunchtime arrived during our tour of Gamla Stan but the only cafe listed on Happy Cow was packed. A little further down Stora Nygatan was Café Dox, an organic cafe in a grotto below street level. It wasn’t vegan but they had a baguette named Vegan. It was a homemade organic baguette, delightfully crusty and filled with garlicky hummus and salad. Not very original but good and filling.


3 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo – Stockholm

  1. I had completely forgotten about potstickers until now! I used to make them frequently. Must did out my recipe from he Gorgeous Vegan blog.

    Serving a burger with stir fried veg, tofu and curry sauce is unusual but sounds more filling than burger in a bun. All looks delicious.

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