Links: Blogs & Recipes I love

Here are just a handful of my favourite vegan blogs & websites:

Almost every single recipe I have made from Vegan Yum Yum has been a winner and I’d say that the Vegan Yum Yum cookbook (Kindle version here) is my second most used book (the first being The River Cottage Veg book but that’s no surprise if you read this blog regularly). Oh, and after 2 years away Lola is back and I’m delighted!
Maple Spice was this years discovery and so far the carrot & sesame burgers (with all the recommended sauces) have gone down well as have the pull apart rolls. I have my eye on these bean burgers and as soon as I find my muslin I’ll be making the baked almond feta for sure.

The best homemade vegan sausage recipe i have found so far are the Irish sausages  at Fat Free Vegan. The beetroot burgers are very tasty and Hannah has had success with the chocolate orange cake and the crustless tofu quiche.

The Vegan Family House ,as well as *ahem* featuring some of my own recipes, has built up a huge amount of recipes. There are quite a few gluten free vegan recipes throughout along with raw, comfort and frugal foods . It’s best to go straight to The Kitchen and have a browse.

Finally I can not miss out Olives for Dinner. If you have a fascination for molecular gastronomy then this is the place to come and I really really must pick up the ingredients for all her homemade vegan cheese recipes. They look outstanding! Melty ‘cheese’ that is made from coconut? yes! Oh yes please!

Have you got a favourite blog that I have missed? Do you have your own vegan blog? Post a link below

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