Meal plan week 2

For anyone who is interested here is another weeks menu plan. I'm still menu planning which astonishes me sometimes as I am notorious for starting things up and them petering out…good intentions and all that. I think I will need to add more detail to future menu plan posts as I am aware it doesn't really show the volume of vegetables we eat and there are many things missing such as crisps, chocolate, fruit, extra side dishes I throw together at the last moment or the toast with golden syrup I have taken to eating at breakfast. And to answer the question of do I use any other cookery book other than the Veg book…the answer is no. No I do not.


Jul 04 – Wednesday
Curried Chickpea Salad (Lunch)
Pasta (Dinner)
Freezer sauce (Dinner)

Jul 05 – Thursday
Curried Chickpea Salad (Lunch)
Pitta Bread (Lunch)
Pasta (Dinner)
Mint & Almond Pesto (River Cottage Veg Everyday) (Dinner)
Green Salad (Dinner)

Jul 06 – Friday
Frittata (Lunch)
Tomato, Red Onion, Mint And Lemon Salad (Lunch)
Green Salad (Dinner)
Holiday Spice Magic Cake (Dinner)

Jul 07 – Saturday
Sage & Onion Sausages (This recipe is very good and I should have followed it instead of winging it!) (Brunch)
Smoked Tofu 'bacon' (Brunch)
Garlic Mushrooms (Brunch)
Grilled Tomatoes (Brunch)
Baked Beans (Brunch)
Toast (Brunch)
Summer Cous Cous Salad (River Cottage Veg Everyday)(Dinner)
Middle Eastern Aubergines (Dinner)
Hummus (Dinner)
Green Salad (Dinner)
Pitta Bread (Dinner)

Jul 08 – Sunday
Creamy Cheesy Roast Garlic Sauce With Peas, Leeks And Carrots (I  was convinced I got the idea for this on Maple Spice but now can't see it anywhere…regardless, it was good!) (Lunch)

(I have no note of dinner strangely and have no recollection what we ate)


Jul 09 – Monday
Carrot And Ginger Soup (Lunch)
Couscous Salad With Herbs And Walnuts (River Cottage Veg Everyday)(Dinner)
Roasted Ratatouille (River Cottage Veg Everyday)(Dinner)
Hummus (Dinner)
Pitta Bread (Dinner)

Jul 10 – Tuesday
Roasted Ratatouille (River Cottage Veg Everyday) (Lunch)
Couscous Salad With Herbs And Walnuts (River Cottage Veg Everyday) (Lunch)
Macaroni Peas (River Cottage Veg Everyday : although used vegan cream cheese and nutritional yeast instead of goats cheese. Was very, very good!) (Dinner)
Garlic Bread (Dinner)
Beetroot (Dinner)
Green Salad (Dinner)
Strawberry, blueberry and nectarine crumble with this Crumble Topping (Dinner)
Custard (Dinner)

Jul 11 – Wednesday
Nut Roast (Dinner)
Mashed Potatoes (Dinner)
Carrots With Gremolata (River Cottage Veg Everyday)(Dinner)
Cauliflower With Lemon And Paprika (River Cottage Veg Everyday) (Dinner)


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