Nothing screams “wholesome meal” as much as a fried brunch. Homemade sausages (which turned out a bit like bullets and gave the jaws a workout…but not everything is a winner), homemade hash browns (crispy deliciousness) and non homemade beans, smoked tofu, mushrooms and tomatoes. Everything but the beans (because you have to draw the line somewhere) was fried in liberal amounts of oil. As far as I’m concerned there’s no such thing as a low fat fried breakfast.



3 thoughts on “Brunch

  1. Did you even fry th tomatoes? No point tuning on the grill for one thing. Or are they always fried and not grilled? I don’t remember. Everything looks yummy anyway, especially the hash browns.

  2. Oh I just fried the tomatoes as well. Seemed pointless to grill them plus the grill is handily at the little ladys height and she loves to play with the door so thought maybe turning it on not the best idea.

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