Menu planned meals

Here's the proof that I really do menu plan. I've tried to link to as many recipes as I can or to the cookbooks I use. If there's no link the recipe has either come from my head or an old Vegetarian Good Food Magazine. The toddler had all the meals (except onion soup, she had hummus instead) and the only things she wasn't that keen on were the sausage rolls and chips! It's by no means perfect and every day isn't as balanced as it could be but that's partly why I menu plan…to constantly improve our diet.

Jun 27 – Wednesday
Khichri (Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian Cookbook )(Lunch)
Mint & Almond Pesto (River Cottage Veg Every Day!) (Dinner) 
Green Salad (Dinner)

Jun 28 – Thursday
Chickpea Salad (Lunch)
Pitta Bread (Lunch)
Vegetable Korma (Dinner)
Rice (Dinner)
Jun 29 – Friday
Sweet corn Fritters (River Cottage Veg Every Day! ) (Lunch)
Carrot & Tahini Burgers (Dinner)
Lemon Tahini Yogurt Sauce (Dinner)

Jun 30 – Saturday
Courgette & Rice Soup (Lunch)
Sausage Rolls (you'll need to scroll down a bit but it's the Cranks sausage rolls) (Dinner)
Chips (Dinner)
Coleslaw (Dinner)

Jul 01 – Sunday
Courgette And Rice Soup (Lunch)
Macaroni Cheese (Dinner)
Green Beans (Dinner)

Jul 02 – Monday
Broccoli Lemon Pasta (Lunch)
Dal (Dinner)
Rice (Dinner)
Beet Cheera Pachadi (Dinner)

Jul 03 – Tuesday
Onion Soup (Lunch)
Falafel (Dinner)
Pitta Bread (Dinner)

4 thoughts on “Menu planned meals

  1. I’m glad you linked to recipes, the carrot and tahini burgers looked delicious! Now when I don’t know what to eat, I shall just copy you.

  2. Yeah, I didnt see much point in just listing things, links are always better! Plus it shows I get my inspiration from all over the place. The carrot and sesame burgers are very nice but even better with all the trimmings she suggests and are very good he next day. I grind the sesame seeds so there arent bits in ours but thats just a baby thing!

  3. Not really! Id have to cook meals anyway and we still eat all the foods we enjoy just with minor tweaks. Easier than cooking separate baby meal!

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