The bake month posts that never were

I have finally got my computer back! Remember this post where I clearly stated I would have it back by April? Yeah, that never happened. I blame the University for giving him extensions! Anyway, done now and to ease myself back into posting here are a couple of bake month posts that never happened:

Spinoccoli Pizza

vegan broccoli pizza

Spinoccoli pizza minus the spin. A quick white sauce (which must get blogged about as I make it weekly, sometimes twice weekly (tweekly?)) with nutritional yeast, dijon mustard and lemon juice added and cooked broccoli stirred in all spread on to a pizza base. It was supposed to have spinach in it too but I threw in some parsley instead. It was enjoyed by everyone even the 'always disappointed by pizza with no cheese' person.

One Recipe Three Ways: Savoury Crackers

vegan savoury cracker dough

This was supposed to be another 'One Recipe Three Ways Post' but I kept forgetting to photograph the finished crackers even though I've made them about three times since I took the above photo. They are that good. 

The basic dough (in the middle) is just a tweaked version of Chef Chloe's Goldfish Crackers (which I first heard about through Maple Spice blog) to which I have added a handful of dried onions instead of the onion powder and about a tablespoon of smoked paprika. The little lady consumes these at an astounding rate.

On the right there is a lime pickle dough (basic dough minus the smoked paprika but with a couple of tablespoons of chunky lime pickle blended with it) and on the left a sundried tomato dough (basic dough with a few tablespoons sundried tomato paste…I used a squeezy tube one which also has garlic, capers and herbs in it). They are all exceptionally quick and tasty and very good while still warm. Each ball of dough makes a huge amount of crackers and often I'll just use half and throw the other half in either the fridge (if I'll make more the next day) or in the freezer (if I know I'll be lazy). Either way the dough is quite forgiving. Oh, and I just use a small star shaped cutter rather than a goldfish.



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