A mound of oaty cookies

Whoops! Accidentally ate all the pretty cookies and was left with a pile of cookies all stuck together. No matter, they still tasted great.

Oaty Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie

They were "the best healthy chocolate chip cookies" from Chocolate Covered Katie. Mine look completely different, probably because I whizzed up oats in my not-so-powerful blender so didn't have such fine flour and the I added a little too much milk; 3.5 tablespoons would have been enough. I used almonds instead of macadamias and added 1/4 tsp almond extract too. Even with my love of sweet things, I think the sugar could be reduced to 6 tbs without any problems and I'd probably reduce the salt a little because I always do. I got 12 fairly large cookies so it would probably be a good idea to double if you like lots of cookies.


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