Rhubarb and orange crumble

When I was little we had a patch of rhubarb growing in the back corner of the garden. I thoroughly enjoyed eating it raw, dipped in sugar. My mum dug it up years ago and I don't think I've had rhubarb since until last night. The supermarket had lovely ruby red rhubarb so I bought a few stalks with no real plan. When looking up recipes, most required 1kg and I only had 450g. I briefly considered roasting it as suggested by Nigel Slater. I also found a pdf with recipes from the book he recommends, "Rhubarbaria" by Mary Prior but none of them really appealed to me. I decided just to make a crumble and settled on this one.

Rhubarb crumble

I didn't read the recipe very carefully when I chose it. I presumed the orange would just be the zest and maybe the juice but it had chunks of orange in it. I'm not all that keen on orange but I put it in anyway. I replaced the stem ginger with a small chunk of grated root ginger. The crumble was quite nice but not incredible. It could do with a bit more sugar (probably because I didn't use stem ginger and because I am a sugar addict). If I buy any more rhubarb, I'd make it with apple instead of orange. Or maybe just make this pie instead.

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