baked apologies

I'm sorry. I haven't been baking and therefore have been a terribly  poor participant in vegan bake month. I am in awe of the beautiful breads, pizzas, cakes and spring rolls below… but have mainly been making juices, smoothies, salads, sushi rolls and things like that… but there were some baked potatoes.

Ta da!


I had great plans to then photograph them served with baked beans (misleadingly named, I think they are boiled in the tins) and rice salad but was ADHD style distracted by reading, writing and sunshine… that keeps happening…

However, though there is no photo, I did make a very nice salad with the extra ones the following day: cube the leftover baked tatties leaving the skins on, roughly chop two oranges and a cucumber. Dressing: a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard beaten up with a tablespoon of walnut oil and some lime juice… lovely 🙂


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