Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel bread
Ezekiel bread made with whole-wheat flour, barley flour, chickpea flour and cooked red lentils. I used a recipe from "100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes" by Kris Holechek. I would not agree that they are the best vegan baking recipes as I've barely used this book, this is only the third thing I remember making (the other two were Irish soda bread and a quite sickening gooey layered goodie bar). I am always put off by difficulty ratings, everything seems like much more of a palaver so I find a recipe somewhere else. However, now that I am not frightened of yeast I might try some more of the breads and there is a recipe for making pain au chocolat from scratch which sounds good.

This bread was much more substantial than my usual bread. It does taste a little healthy but that can be covered up with peanut butter and jam or Marmite. It seemed a bit dry the morning after I baked it but Jonathan liked it. He thought it would be good with caviar and onion. He is disgusting.

I doubled the recipe and used 50g fresh yeast. This bread really needs to be baked in a loaf tin. My second loaf was free form and grew very wide but stayed fairly flat. I got about 30 slices from that giant which are in the freezer and the loaf from the tin gives about 20 slices. The original recipe states 10 slices, she must slice it very chunky!

Next time I make Ezekiel bread I might try this recipe from Urban Simplicity which also gives some information on the origins of Ezekiel bread and uses different beans. 


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