Princess cake

It was Jonathan's birthday last week. He requested lasagne as per usual. He also got some mini princess cakes.

Princess cake

Princess cake is a sponge cake covered in whipped cream and then wrapped in marzipan. The marzipan is usually green but I just got uncoloured marzipan. As we are only two, cupcakes seemed much more appropriate than one large cake. Jonathan's favourite cake is princess cake because of the marzipan so I put lots on his, probably 100g. Turned out to be a little too much. I'd never had princess cake before and I've got some practicing to do but I still enjoyed it. Maybe I'll have perfected it by the time Jonathan turns 40. Apparently the last week in September is princess cake week so I'll maybe make some more this year. Next time I'd like to make a large flat cake and cut out circles. I think the cake recipe for these petits fours would work nicely.

Princess cake guts

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