Potatoes au gratin


Part of an over the top mid week meal. Thinly sliced potatoes cooked at 160C in a mixture of soya cream and vegetable stock, salt, pepper and garlic. It was covered until the potatoes were tender and then allowed to colour on top.

4 thoughts on “Potatoes au gratin

  1. Mmm. I love potatoes au gratin! I think I’ve only had it once since I went vegan. If it wasn’t so hot I’d make some today.

  2. I never realised it was so easy to make. Too hot for baked anything today! Maybe I should have made this salad month!

  3. was inspired and made it yesterday, was very delicious though had a slight oven disaster with it… pic will probably be blogged 🙂

  4. Oh dear! I should have said that it bubbles everywhere!! I adverted an oven disaster only because I was checking on something else and saw it was bubbling onto oven! It is very tasty though. Might have to make it again!

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