Vegan bake month begins!

I love baking.

When I was completing my degree there were two years when I don't think I baked at all. Dark times. While that may sound melodramatic its not meant to be. Whether I bake or not is a direct reflection of how I'm feeling. Yes, sometimes I bake for comfort but for the most part I bake because it gives me immense pleasure, and is pleasurable. When I don't bake there is something deeply wrong. I'm sure, to some, the notion of baking fills them with dread or even boredom and It must appear to be a frivolous waste of time to many but baking is always in my head and it's how I connect with people. I've lost count of the amount of food related conversations I have had by email, text or phone and when I meet someone who doesn't like to bake frankly I'm confused.

So here's to baking, both sweet and savoury, and specifically vegan baking because contrary to what  the butter and lard obsessed TV cooks would have you believe it's not inferior.

First recipes will be up this afternoon.


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