Another day, another chocolate cake


I used to think there was room in my life for only one chocolate cake. How wrong I was. It's good to have different cake for different occasions. This one turned out more like a pudding and was eaten warm with soya cream. It was supposed to be a quadruple chocolate cake (another Nigella one…I like to think she would be horrified by the substitutions/omissions I make) but I settled for double chocolate and managed to completely leave out 175ml of oil when mixing it up. I'm not entirely sure how this happened but it turned out just fine without it.

It would have been ridiculously dry if left until the next day so we ate it immediately.


2 thoughts on “Another day, another chocolate cake

  1. It was really very good. I was all prepared for it being quite disastrous. I made another one today but with a really ripe banana and oil ( in place of all the oil) and it came out more like
    a brownie. Think I preferred the one above. Has todays one warm from the oven with a big scoop of ice cream. Yum

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