packed lunches

A sandwich

Davie always takes a packed lunch to work. It's far cheaper and healthier than buying things or visiting the chip van. He works hard and needs lots of food. The sandwich above was an experimental mix of redwood turkey style slices with homemade mild guacamole (mash two avocados with the juice of one lemon, mix in a diced red pepper and tin of sweetcorn, chopped fresh chives are good too) which was declared 'awesome'. Other favourites just now include: spicy tomato pate with cheesly and Plamil mayo; avo and peanut butter; sausage and pickle; salad and marmite… lots of other ideas here (scroll down a bit).

As well as sandwiches there's always a sweet thing. Flapjacks are the most commonly recurring item right now but on the photographing day it was these little chocolate fudge cakes made with spelt flour and including quite a bit of golden syrup for the fudgie-ness. White chocolate buttons go fudge-y too when cooked 🙂


Sometimes there's soup if we had it for lunch but this time there was an ice cream tub of chick pea and veg curry. (chick pea curry recipe here)


5 thoughts on “packed lunches

  1. Oh dear. It puts the packed lunches I make for Gus to shame. Poor man. I had better make sure he doesn’t see this or he will get ideas! As he works long NHS shifts he has to take breakfast, lunch AND dinner with him. Usually he just gets leftovers but I imagine it gets a bit tedious eating the same thing ALL day. Looks like I’ll have to up my game! Great ideas!

  2. yeah, this is very much ’12 hour shift’ food though he does have dinner at home. I think he made his own sandwiches when we had babies/toddlers… memory of that time is vague and blurry due to sleep deprivation!

  3. Oh dear no! He doesn’t get to take cake with him. It’s hard to believe but I don’t bake much at the moment and I tend to do it when he’s at home so we eat everything there and then. There’s never anything to take!

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