Sunflowers for lunch

People often eat lunch at 11am in Sweden. I used to think it was really weird but now I do it all the time. I did eat breakfast at 6am so I was pretty hungry by the time I got back from scooping up kitty poops at the cat shelter. Nothing builds up an appetite like cleaning litter boxes.

Sunflower lunch

Anyway, this is what I ate. It wasn't incredibly exciting but it did the job of filling my tummy. It's just macaroni with sunflower seed "cheese", rocket and a tomato. I don't usually eat sunflower seeds but I decided to try sunflower seed cheese at the weekend. All the recipes I saw were basically the same – soak the seeds ( I used 1 cupful which was plenty) for a few hours then blend with cider vinegar, garlic, salt, maybe some herbs, lemon juice and water. It's not very cheese-like but it's quite nice on bread and with pasta. It's really easy to make and pretty healthy.


8 thoughts on “Sunflowers for lunch

  1. That looks good. I always focus on food for dinner and then am stumped with what to eat for lunch. I should probably have more things like pasta at lunchtime. 11am sounds like a great time for lunch! Why do the Swedes eat lunch so early?

  2. I have no idea. I think some people start work at 8am but then that’s only 3 hours until lunch. They are just weirdos. Sensible weirdos. That macaroni is the kind that cooks in 3 minutes so it’s quick when there is no bread.

  3. You poor deprived Brit, it’s all the rage here! It’s even whole wheat but there is regular non-whole wheat too. Pasta is usually quick anyway but 10 minutes seems like an eternity in comparison.

  4. Love the idea of flowers for lunch! The only 3 minute pasta I’ve seen here would be super noodle type things, this looks much better šŸ™‚

  5. At 9 – 9.30 thereĀ“s breakfast and at 2-2.30 thereĀ“s afternoon coffee with a piece of biscuit at most work places.. Lunch varies where you are in Sweden though, in Malmƶ itĀ“s usually later than in Stockholm, by later I mean 11.30-12..

  6. Sounds like a sensible way to do things! Is dinner generally earlier too if lunch and afternoon tea are early? 12 o’clock is the latest I can wait for lunch. Anything later and I get enraged from low blood sugar.

  7. Sweden is really spoiling me. I might have to post out boxes of this 3 minute macaroni or you can demand it in the supermarket. This is how it looks: Snabb means fast and makaroner means… Well, you can probably guess that one.
    Jonathan says people in Sweden usually eat dinner about 5 or 6. Most restaurant kitchens close at 9pm which drove my Spanish friend crazy.

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