more cake

I was going to say "it's been all go here" but that's only true if you count hoovering, walking the dog, picking up toys, laundering (clothes, not cash sadly) and cooking…the never ending cooking, eating and cleaning up. It feels as if its been all go here anyway.

The now one year olds birthday was survived by all and I won't bore you with the stress and annoyance caused by in laws arriving with ham and sausages "for the non vegans." Cake was eaten and whispered comments of enjoyment were overheard.  "it's good considering there's no butter in it." Great praise indeed. I ended up making a white vanilla cake and it was OK. It was a little dry. It's an ongoing problem with a vanilla cake. All other cakes (lemon, carrot, chocolate, coconut) are light and moist but plain vanilla? Not so much. I read somewhere it was to do with acidity. I'll have to check out the theory and see what I can do. Don't get me wrong it's not an unpleasant and unpalatable cake which has to be choked down with accompanying fluids. I just know it could be better. I use my chocolate cake recipe but replace the cocoa powder with a tablespoon of plain flour.

2 thoughts on “more cake

  1. I ended up just making two cakes but lots of chocolate chip raisin biscuits. Fortunately she is too young to remember and she only has photographic evidence of one cake (with her in the background) so I will never tell her! Next year she’ll start demanding novelty cakes though!

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