Frozen treats

Whenever I buy bananas I seem to end up with two that are just a bit too ripe to eat normally. That's where this recipe comes in handy. It was sold to me as easy no cook fudge. It was really easy but not all that fudgy. Maybe because I've been eating it straight out the freezer but even when I tried to wait for it to thaw it didn't taste like fudge. It does taste good though, a bit like a frozen Bounty from all the coconut and cocoa. It would probably be a nice treat in the summer when it's warm but I've been enjoying them in the cold months anyway. It was a bit awkward to cut after freezing so I put the mixture into fairy cake cases so I can just pluck one out with no hassle.

Raw fudge

The recipe is followed by instructions for making your own coconut butter. It was easier and took less time than making almond butter. And after it's been in the fridge it turns into creamed coconut, perfect for making Cat's coconut pie crust and crumble.


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