a birthday chocolate cake


As you read this the above cake will be being tasted by a tirade of toddlers and their parents. I can't recall ever letting non vegan children eat a vegan cake but that's  mainly because when I bake cake I eat it all myself. I'm not one for sharing. I would give you the recipe now but i shall wait and report back with the verdict. If the children all spit it onto the floor it's not a sharer.


3 thoughts on “a birthday chocolate cake

  1. Not her real birthday until Saturday but it was mother and toddler today in the local village hall and its customary to take a cake for everyone else just before the birthday. Its a little strange bringing a cake for others to devour. Awful mummy that I am I did not allow baby to have chocolate cake partly because it is just all sugar and partly because it contained *cough* coffee. There were many hyperactive children after this as I may not have mentioned that fact. It went down a storm with all. I may blog about it tomorrow and post a recipe but maybe not as I have to make another cake tomorrow for Saturday!

  2. That is a sweet cake. The added coffee sounds excellent. Is this a different group from the cinnamon bun eater? Those mothers didn’t care about the coffee.

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