a post where I waffle on about food again

I'm not destined to be a food blogger that's for sure. How do they do it? Delicious food sitting getting cold while they snap away with the camera! I have good intentions and then before I know it I have eaten everything. You'll just have to take my word for it that the food in this house is first class.

More notes to self:

Follow Hannah's advice. She was right about the flatbreads, correct about the carrot hummus and it turns out she gives great bread making advice. My loaves have recently been coming out like bricks (and I don't say that as an exaggeration). I made the dough softer, kneaded it longer and ,voila ,cloud like bread which slices easily and is edible.

Florence fennel, despite having a liquorice taste, does not ruin food it comes into contact with (unlike liquorice and caraway). Puy lentil, roast squash and fennel salad is very tasty (and serve it with carrot hummus and flatbreads!).

Always take a list when going food shopping otherwise you will cease to purchase the one important ingredient that you drove 30 miles for and that the village shop has ceased to stock despite it not being unusual. This forgetfulness will then cause you to visit the local shop repeatedly and complain each and every time said item fails to appear on the shelf. I think they hate me now. (oh and it's bicarbonate of Soda. Do you know how many delicious baking recipes call for bicarbonate of soda? Every single one I've looked at that's how many! )

There is a very special birthday coming up this week and the pressure is on to deliver a top quality cake or two (hence the need for bicarbonate of soda!). There will be a new and improved chocolate cake with the obligatory chocolate buttons and a plain vanilla cake which shall be doused in hundreds and thousands. I was planning three tiered extravaganzas and fancy combinations (white chocolate and raspberry anyone?) but then remembered that one cake is for a tirade of toddlers and the other for the in laws and none of the above have complex taste buds. Chocolate and vanilla it is then. (…and, I have to say it, ONE!!!!!  One year old! How did this happen?! )

(And talking of birthdays I believe it is this bloggers birthday today. You should pop over and say hello and read about her online dating experiences. Worth it!)


One thought on “a post where I waffle on about food again

  1. Three cheers for soft bread! I didn’t look at my shopping list today so forgot to buy lentils but I can live without them for a few days. Raspberry and white chocolate does sound sublime.

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