Nu är det dags för semlor!

Today is Shrove Tuesday or Fettisdagen (fat Tuesday) which means it's time to eat pancakes in Britain or semlor in Sweden. I opted for the latter as I love these sweet buns filled with marzipan/almond paste and cream. And I'm in Sweden.


This year I even made my own buns and they were delicious. Not the chocolate ones I posted about last year, just plain cardamon buns. There are recipes in English but I used this one and the buns were soft and lovely. Next year I think I will make the smaller buns as I tend to feel quite sick after one big one but still want to have a second a few hours later.

Also, the title says "Now it is time for semlor!". I have seen signs saying that since the start of January. Now it actually is time for semlor. Hooray!


3 thoughts on “Nu är det dags för semlor!

  1. Heehee. They are not so pretty during the eating process. I tipped icing sugar all over my dark jeans and Jonathan always gets cream all over his face. Maybe we should use dainty pastry forks but we prefer to eat like little piggies.

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