Notes to self: mostly food related (and an eggless frittata)



My life has revolved excessively around food this last week:

  • I make the eggless frittata/Spanish Tortilla (shown above) at least once a week. It always contains onions and potatoes and then whatever needs used up. In this case peas and leeks. The base of it is simple: one packet silken tofu, heaped tablespoon gram flour and a heaped tablespoon of nutritional yeast (optional). Then blend and scrape and blend until smooth and mix it in with the cooked vegetables. Whack in the oven at 180C for about 30 minutes. I prefer it at room temperature, the texture is better.


  • I've been making garlic flatbreads excessively using this "magic dough" recipe (The pizza dough recipe is essentially the magic dough). Easy to make, ready to use quickly (in terms of bread products), tasty. I blame/thank Hannah for my excessive consumption because she mentioned it's deliciousness to me.


  • On/in this flatbread has gone…puy lentil, roast parsnip and rocket salad, carrot hummus, dal, cannelini bean hummus… Most of this has come out of the Veg cookbook. I got this book for Christmas and was initially dubious (it being written by renowned carnivore Hugh Fearnley Whatshisname but, but…damn, it's good. Most recipes are vegan or very easily made vegan and all are vegetarian and the recipes are seasonal, use what I normally have in anyway, aren't lengthy, don't use difficult to get hold of ingredients and are delicious. I have many, many recipe books (a whole bookshelf at least) of omnivore, vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and most of them I use for inspiration. This book I use.

Blog posts I've enjoyed:

  • I got caught out by this organisation post at Modern Parents Messy Kids big time! I wanted to know how, how do I have this life! So I've started at the top and I'm working my way down. A list of all the meals i regularly make is being compiled and a cheat sheet is getting typed up of basic recipes I use fairly frequently and end up searching for each time (white sauces, crumble toppings etc). Its not the full recipe really but just a list of the ingredients. Its the proportions of things i need to look up rather than how to do it. There is one sweet and one savoury. They will probably get laminated as otherwise they will become instantly illegible as I paw them with my doughy hands. I'm not convinced I'll end up a menu planner as we tend to buy seasonal British good looking fruit and veg (except lemons and bananas they just have to be good looking!) but it's still handy to have a comprehensive list to delve into when I'm feeling completely uninspired.


5 thoughts on “Notes to self: mostly food related (and an eggless frittata)

  1. Well I blame/thank you for recommending the Veg book to me in the first place. Those garlic flatbreads are wonderful!
    Silken tofu is hard to find and expensive here so I haven’t made your frittata for a long time. Maybe I should look in the Thai/Asian shop. I’ve still never been in.

  2. It is expensive and the only reason I use it so much is we got a whole big box of them free. Once they are gone though it wont be made so frequently. I didnt have garlic flatbreads today and already Im having withdrawal symptoms

  3. Hi Jen,
    It is quite quick especially if you use leftover veg. Its got a great texture too. I wouldnt say it was exactly eggy but it firms up nicely.

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