Cuban Bread

No heart shaped quiches this year but we did end up having pink pasta. More due to laziness and having beetroot pesto to use up than because it's Valentine's day. It did look pretty before we guzzled it down. Anyway, no pictures of that. Here's some bread:

Cuban bread

That is Cuban bread. It's a little bit special as it goes in a cold oven to prove then bake which makes it easy and fun to bake. It ends up with a fairly dark brown, chewy crust but light and soft inside. The recipe can be found on Lucullian Delights. I used half bread flour and half plain and presumed that hot water meant the usual finger temperature water to not kill the yeast. I've made it with fresh yeast and dry yeast. It's easy to make half the amount if you can only find one packet of yeast in the cupboard (like I did) or freeze the second loaf. I like to freeze it in slices so its easy just to take what you need but the bread stays soft for a couple of days and the two of us can easily finish a loaf in that time.


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