the obligatory valentines post

I abhor valentines day with a passion. I'm essentially a very unromantic person who has never expected nor wanted bunches of flowers or boxes of chocolates so to have a day dedicated to all things lovey dovey and which actively encourages public displays of affection…urgh, it gives me shivers up my spine.

I grudgingly acknowledge that not everyone is devoid of emotions though so if you can't fight those glandular secretions awash in your bloodstream and have the urge to proclaim your undying love you could try these few items (click on image to take you to the page):

Valentine's dinner

Hannah's heart shaped quiche


Ice lanterns

 Lucy's lanterns (why not put rose petals in them?)

cake with blueberries and chocolate hearts

 Lucy's cake inspiration (I believe she has made a new one this year with even more tasty treats on top)

(This was going to be a longer post but, meh.)



One thought on “the obligatory valentines post

  1. I used to feel exactly the same about this day and all other commercialised holidays but have mellowed on Valentines in the last couple of years… at least you’re not obliged to buy stuff for people you don’t like and making things is completely acceptable… those quiches look good 🙂

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