Breasts, crochet and another, different, red pepper and walnut pate

 On Tuesday I got my breasts out in the local church hall.

Oh, you want more? An explanation for my heathen behaviour? While I don't, as a rule, go around exposing myself in religious establishments I was in a room full of other women who were proudly getting their breasts out. Finally the BfN (Breastfeeding Network) have set  up a local group and I no longer have to be regarded as unusual or eccentric for breast feeding my baby. Up until now I was the only person I knew who chose to breast feed in my local area. The only one! Its been a surprisingly isolating experience on some levels but I'd never change it.  I'll be back next week to talk with people who don't react with disbelief and horror at terms such as 'attachment parenting', 'baby led weaning' and *gasp* 'co-sleeping'.

Other stuff:

Small successful crochet projects have included these balls:


I'm pleasantly surprised at how much baby enjoys them. Usually she'll chase them around the room like a cat but we also play throwing and rolling games with them. Homemade hippy type entertainment right there! Oh! Maybe I could turn my granny squares into stackable cubes for her?!

For my next crochet project I have my eye on a tutorial from (a different) Lucy at Attic 24 for covering containers.  So many amazing free projects and her instructions are incredibly clear. She also has the most homely looking house that I have seen. I want to move in now. Thank you.

Finally, after yesterday's post I was reminded of a red pepper and walnut pâté that we made constantly over the summer when we had a 3kg bag of walnuts.  It contains pomegranate molasses which everyone has in their cupboards right?  You bought it from an Asian/Middle Eastern grocers didn't you? Yeah. I thought so.



100g walnuts

50g fresh bread (crust removed)

1 roasted red pepper (skin and seeds removed)

1 tbsp pomegranate molasses*

1/2 tsp ground cumin

pinch of cayenne or a splash of hot sauce (optional)

4 tbsp good extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of salt

Put everything in a processor and blend until desired texture. It gets thicker the longer it is blended as the walnuts turn to a nut butter. If you want it more of a dipping consistency add some water a tablespoon at a time and adjust the seasonings.




5 thoughts on “Breasts, crochet and another, different, red pepper and walnut pate

  1. Wow, your pate is so much fancier than mine!! Had mine on a baked tattie for tea, was lush 🙂
    It’s sad to hear there’s still so much ignorance and judgement about attatchment parenting. So much time has gone by since my two were babies, you’d think there would have been more progress! Glad you’ve found a nice group of like minds though 😀

  2. I wouldnt call it fancier but complicated! Its very tasty but pomegranate molasses is not the easiest to get!
    Oh, goodness there are SO many people I never mention our parenting choices to! Im not at all ashamed of the choices but can do without either the defensiveness or aggression. We all have to make our own choices based on gut feeling and circumstance (and I dont at all think mine are the only way) but it was oh so lovely not being judged. I think there are a lot more families following an attachment parenting style but just not so much where I am.

  3. I actually do have pomegranate molasses. A big bottle. You can buy it in the supermarket in Malmö. Probably because there are lots of Middle Eastern people living there.
    Bruce would love those balls. Lily and him will be fighting over toys if you visit.

  4. Really?! What do you do with your pomegranate molasses?
    A bit of catnip could totally be stuffed into the ball to send Bruce into kitty ecstasy.

  5. Hmm, that’s the thing. The bottle is still quite full. I’ve made that BBQ pomegranate tofu from Vegan with a Vengeance a couple of times. Last time I used it was in the rainbow rice from Vegan Yum Yum as I didn’t have any Worcestershire sauce. That was tasty. My bottle also seems to have directions for drinking it but I’ve never tried that.

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