Cinnamon buns



…or the tale of how to win friends and convince them I'm not a complete weirdo.

Along with the banoffee pie I've had an overwhelming need for cinnamon buns and I have found the perfect recipe. As always I'm a bit late to this party but it's true that Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Buns are the best I have ever made or tasted.

Um, where to start? The pastry melts in the mouth and it's so light I convinced myself I was eating air and not an alarming amount of fat and sugar.Oh and the glaze just gets absorbed right into them creating an ooey gooey mess of deliciousness. I took them along to a gathering and there was much rejoicing. See! I eat normal unhealthy food like everyone else. It's not all mashed yeast and alfalfa sprouts ( a Woody Allen line I think).

Substitutions I made:

Coconut Milk  in the dough ( just normal runny non thick tin of it) because, you know, I decided it didn't contain enough calories. I am breastfeeding you know! It's essential!

Full fat non dairy milk in the glaze

Good non hydrogenated vegan marg/butter. They do make a difference to the flavour.

Oh and the limitations of the village shop struck again ( although to be fair they were refurbishing so had limited stock) so I had to make my own icing sugar (yep, really) using caster sugar. I just blitzed it through the coffee grinder until fine. Oh, and I had no maple extract so really it was more of a coffee vanilla icing. Nice but after 7 of them I started to feel edgy! Argh, caffiene!!

(Oh, and I should add that I quartered the whole recipe and there was still a load of them)

…and yes, I don't normally post a recipe on a Thursday but these were too good not to share right now!

One thought on “Cinnamon buns

  1. I think you’ve inspired Jonathan to make some cinnamon rolls. Well, he’s been talking about it and bought the ingredients but he hasn’t done it yet.

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