The desperate desire for vegan banoffee pie





I was hit by the overwhelming desire for banofee pie last week. The thing is I can't ever remember eating banoffee pie in my pre-vegan days but who am I to quash a craving. 


Digestive biscuits/ Graham crackers (about 200-250g…im afraid i eyeballed it)
Vegan butter/margarine (about 75g melted…again, eyeballed this one)
1-2 ripe ( but not black) bananas
Dulce de leche ( see below)
Can of extra thick coconut milk ( chill and do not shake!)
Sea salt

This makes a small 6 inch pie

It can be made in stages if you want as the 'toffee' part of it will keep for a long time in the fridge. This is the only part which involves some time spent over it. Most other banoffee recipes involve boiling a can of condensed milk for hours on end so just think of this stage as being equivalent to that. I followed this dulce de leche recipe but used fresh soya milk (as opposed to the long life kind) and omitted the vanilla. I used the fresh soya milk because it has no trace of beanyness but I think almond milk would be great here. Don't use a low fat milk because what's the point? I also halved the recipe and it made enough for two 6 inch pies.

Once it's made and chilled the rest is easy assembling.

Blend the biscuits and butter/marg together until crumbly and press into the bottom and side of tin. Chill for 5 minutes.

Thinly slice the banana and put a layer on the base. Cover this with a layer of dulce de leche (try and keep the layer from overflowing), a light sprinkling of sea salt and add another layer of thinly sliced banana. The salt adds an extra dimension to the pie and stops it from becoming overwhelmingly sweet.

Take your thick chilled coconut and scoop out only the very thick layer (keep the runny liquid for cooking). Whip it up by whatever means you like ( I used an electric mixer) and then spread this over the top of the pie. Chill.


The thing is that sometimes it's difficult living somewhere rural when the overwhelming desire to make banoffee pie hits. The teeny tiny shop is not guaranteed to have what I need and certainly doesn't stock milk free digestive biscuits…so I made my own and really it took the same amount of time and effort as it would have done to go to the neighbouring bigger village shop.

I used this spelt digestive biscuit recipe except did not use spelt. I only had wholemeal chapati flour on hand so I used that and it worked just fine.( I also did not use oatmeal but rolled oats. Also, no to the milk, I used soya milk. Ditto with butter, just a nice non hydrogenated margarine)




3 thoughts on “The desperate desire for vegan banoffee pie

  1. it is just itty bitty.
    you could just layer ingredients up in a glass or jar to make it individual and therefore not eat a whole pie…

  2. Mmmm, that’s a good idea. When I saw your digestives I thought that each one look like a mini pie base and if the toffee kept for a while I could just make them as necessary. Jonathan could even have it without banana then.

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