sage and onion potato pie

Sage and onion potato pie2
Yes, I can make pies too! Not quite such exciting ones as Cat, but delicious all the same, the flavour of sage and onion combined is wonderful. The pastry here is made with Kamut flour, an ancient grain related to wheat but much lower in gluten and higher in selenium and other nutrients. It's wholemeal but totally smooth like white flour and makes great pastry.

Basic pastry making method is written up here in this pasty recipe.

The filling is made of:

a little olive oil

2 chopped onions

about 8 medium potatoes, skins left on but sliced thinly

a teaspoon of dried sage (fresh would probably be even better but use 2 or 3 teaspoons)

seasalt to taste

a tablespoon of gluten free flour (other flour will do)

half a cup or so of soya milk for a thick creamy sauce

Roll out your pastry and line the bottom and sides of an oven proof dish with over half of it. Fry the onion in the oil for a few minutes then add the sage and salt. Add the sliced potatoes and cook up for a another few minutes, stirring frequently as it will stick. Add the flour and mix well, then stirring in the soya milk until you have a thick sauce coating the potatoes. Plop in all into the dish, top with the remaining pastry, squidge the edges together and stab it a few times for what I think of as 'air holes'. Bake in a hot oven for at least half an hour. Prod it with a knife to test the softness of potatoes.

Yum. Had it with chips and salad.

Sage and onion potato pie

2 thoughts on “sage and onion potato pie

  1. Don’t think I’d make a pie shake with this but it looks delicious! Ive not tried kamut flour ever, shocking!
    Thanks for praise of pie but at least your savoury pie doesnt leave you with a sugar crash!
    I had to giggle when I read you ate a potato pie with chips…it’s so Scottish! We do exactly the same thing 😀

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