Tidy cupboard

I flew back to Sweden on January 4th, ready to take down the Christmas decorations (all 4 of them) the following day only to find out that Christmas goes on for another week here. The decorations only got into the box on Friday. The box is still waiting to be taken up to the attic. Maybe that will happen today. 

I guess that makes it almost time to spring clean. I should probably do a regular clean first though. Fur balls keep blowing around the flat and the kitchen floor is covered in splashes as I can't keep anything in the pot. I did finally tidy up the kitchen cupboards. Things just kept getting shoved into one oversized shelf space and ended up in one big pile that was annoying to sort through in the middle of cooking/baking. Now, however, I've moved the shelves so they are more equally spaced and everything is neatly arranged. Well as neat as it could be.

Flour shelf

If you are wondering, vetemjöl is plain flour, strösocker is granulated sugar, the yellow box is filled with cornstarch and the white box is potato starch.

Now that I'm using more than one shelf, I had to stick post-it notes on the door to remind me where everything is.

Tidy cupboard

The shelf above the flour has things like cereal, rice, polenta, quinoa, oats and pop corn kernels. Below the flour are a few cans of coconut milk and corn. There's also a box of wine, a bottle of rose water, soya milk powder, a bag of spaghetti, roasted onions, baking potatoes and a bag of bags of onions and garlic.

We'll see how long I can keep everything in order.

3 thoughts on “Tidy cupboard

  1. Nice!
    It reminds me that my shelves need reorganised again. I really need to do it every week as things sort of get flung onto them. I rearranged them a few weeks ago but still things end up in the wrong place. I do cans and jars on the top shelf then all the carbohydrates, then the proteins and the shelves under that now contain oven dishes. All the stuff for baking goes in an entirely different cupboard…this will no doubt all get changed again!

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