Pressure cooking beans makes the house smell of flatulence, and almost becoming a lady

(7am is not the time to be making beans look attractive)

That's the only problem with beans. They permeate and linger and leave the whole house smelling of flatulence. I still do it though and in bulk too! We eat a lot of beans (maybe it's not the beans making the house smell) so the cheapness factor wins through over the smell. After all, I can always just open a window or blame the dog.

It does involve a bit of forward planning. Not much though! I mean, come on, I manage it! Soak the beans overnight (the only bit of planning required) , rinse, put in pressure cooker with fresh water and bring up to pressure (about 15 minutes), cook for 15 to 20 minutes (depending on bean type) and then turn off heat and leave.

It might sound a bit of a hassle but really it's not. Mostly the beans are doing their own thing and I put them on just before having breakfast so I'm in the kitchen anyway and don't have to hang about. Even including the cost of the fuel it's much cheaper than tinned. I then drain, cool and freeze them in handy portions.

I started cooking beans this way when I was 17. Back in the day the only beans I could get tinned were kidney beans so for variety I started buying dried beans and quickly realised the only way to do them was in bulk and in a pressure cooker. There is definitely a greater variety of tinned beans now but they're still costly.

I refused too eat beans and lentils as a child. It was probably a texture thing as I also used to refuse to eat anything which I decided had any texture at all. If memory serves me correctly I really only ate tomato soup and macaroni cheese. Oh, and cake, jelly, ice-cream, biscuits…funny that…somehow all sugar laden foods were deemed to have a good texture…Now I eat some form of beans or lentils every day. Sometimes twice a day. I should add that all rumours of beans causing gas are only vaguely true…I wont go into details. I guess many people think that all beans are the same which is a shame because they are missing out on the variety of flavours and textures as well as their versatility. I'll not bore you with their nutritional prowess but suffice to say they are good for you.

Some other things:
Still organising. It now requires me to get things out rather than just filling bags for charity and stacking up piles for selling. I've found that half the battle is getting started. Before I began the huge organisation I started small because if I achieve something I'm more likely to continue. I started with my bag which began like this:


(genuine contents of my bag. No purse, no phone. Mainly sweetie wrappers…but a nice pen!)

And is now like this:

(All brightly coloured so I can find it in my bag)

Look! I'm almost a lady! (In my head ladies are organised, wear co-ordinated outfits, look elegant, have refined manners, don't swear and carry handbags… I have a handbag so I'm almost there)

And finally a question for any sewers out there. I'm in the process of deciding on a sewing machine  and what I want to know is… What is the benefit of all the fancy extra stitches on the more expensive models (other than being fancy)? If it helps I'm planning on using the machine for a whole variety of craft, quilt and clothing projects. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Pressure cooking beans makes the house smell of flatulence, and almost becoming a lady

  1. no, those were my own that had been hiding in my bag for a while. My secret stash! The purple thing is a pair of baby leggings. I think they were left over from an outing somewhere…always good to have a spare pair for when poo explosions occur (baby, not me).

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