sweet buttons

Sweet buttons
I sewed a button on something! It's amazing; a post-Christmas miracle if you will…

Sweet button
There it is πŸ™‚ It's attached to a piece of knitting that I did a couple of years ago, initially intended to be a scarf but the yarn ran out before it was long enough. So now it is a marvelous hip warmer/knitted warm up thing (trust me I look fabulous in it!), it goes so well with my legwarmers…

Sweet hip warmer
stars not my work…

In other sweet news, I am on a sugar and wheat avoiding thing, eating these flapjacks and feeling mellow. While I can't compete with Cat's pie, I have been baking sugary things for other people and they're quite pretty:

Sweet buns

Sweet cakes


5 thoughts on “sweet buttons

  1. oh my! are those buns with the cherries on raisin buns?
    impressed by button sewing. I have some of that to do. ive only put it off for 5 years!

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