Past experience tells me that every time I tell myself not to do something that's all I want to do. Like the time I decided to give up coffee and proceeded to drink more of it than i had ever done before…although the recent purchase of a coffee machine hadn't helped.  It took me a further 7 years to kick that habit.

Recently I was complaining that i was eating too much sugar and how it makes me feel exhausted and if I eat too much I get a cold (Hannah can attest to this) so I made the brave/rash decision to drastically cut down consumption. what has happened is I have systematically consumed more sugar laden goods in a week than I did all last year.

I had an overwhelming urge for sweet pie and ice-cream and it would have been rude to ignore it. Apple and blackcurrant pie with a coconut crust was the one that popped into my head. I used to make this most days when I worked in the restaurant and I used to do daily battle with the pastry, it was a nightmare to work in a hot kitchen…it just fell apart far too easily. But, oh my, so very worth it.


The thing is, with it only being the two of us, what do you do with left over pie? I've always found that the pastry starts to soften once cooled and it never reheats well but I discovered a solution to this problem (while watching TV) with the Pie Shake!


Oh pie shake where have you been all my life?! This is just not a British or Scottish thing at all (which is I suppose a bit surprising given that Scotland is home to the deep fried mars bar) but seems to have originated from the USA. All you do is combine a slice of pie and some scoops of  ice-cream (I also added some thick coconut milk because it was a shame not to) with a hand blender and ta da!! Pie shake! It really shouldn't work. It's wrong on just about every level.! However..


(I'm in the process of improving the recipe so I'll get it up next week).


5 thoughts on “pie

  1. yeah, yeah, you say judging I say uou’re secretly jealous!
    Honestly, i did not expect it to be so good. It was tastier than the pie on its own!
    (oh and btw I almost spat tea everywhere with the ‘oh my days’ comment! ha!)

  2. No judging here, despite the fact I gave up refined sugar and wheat two whole days ago! I bet it makes like a really creamy mousse thing… it’s kind of beautiful 🙂

  3. It *looks* really healthy all blended up and its is creamy but with a slight mealiness. It was more delicious than it should have been.
    Also, I dont mind being judged for this. IM judging myself for this! 😀 Ive got a few more sweet things lined up and then Ill be back to the savouries…

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