Happy new year…and all that


Happy New Year and all that. Christmas good? Food excellent? Did you all manage to spend time with those you care for and avoid those stressful relatives?

Christmas surprisingly panned out as planned. It was stress free, food was delicious and it was peaceful…except for the drum and trumpet gift for the baby. Yeah, thanks grandparents!

There is no yearly roundup here because, well, let's face it, we didn't start posting regularly until October so we haven't much to go on. There are also no resolutions here. I don't consider making goals or resolutions until spring because it's still too cold and dark just now and frankly I want to continue to eat crap and be introverted and sit in front of a fire.

I would love to go into the new year saying that we have lots of exciting plans for the blog but…ahem…we don't. To be honest we wing it quite a bit (you might have noticed). Still, I'm sure something will occur to us…perhaps.

All I have planned in the next few days readying goods for the charity shop (some of which may have been Christmas gifts…the shame!) and maybe, listing a few things on eBay (not gifts). I'm desperate to clear stuff out the house. We've just endured a 3 month stint of night shifts (my man, not me) and having to creep about the house and keep a baby and dog quiet has taken it's toll on all of us and the tidiness of the house has suffered too. Now we are no longer contained to one room there will be much roaming and exploring (the baby) and organising and cathartic cleaning. I seriously can not wait.


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