I'm back in bonnie Scotland again to celebrate Christmas with my family. I've never stayed in Sweden over Christmas so I have never experienced an authentic julbord (Christmas smörgåsbord/buffet). I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much though. Much of the meal is made up of dead animals – pickled herring, little sausages, meatballs and ham. This year I tried to make a vegan, Swedish, Christmas meal for Jonathan before I left for Scotland and he headed south to Malmö. 


Going clockwise from the pinkish blob, we had beetroot salad (pickled beetroots mixed with a boiled potato, apple and mayonnaise), meatballs, vörtbröd, the confusingly named brunkål (brown cabbage which is just white cabbage cooked with a little syrup), baked tofu coated in mustard and breadcrumbs and Janssons frestelse (Jansson's temptation). Jansson's temptation is a potato gratin which traditionally is full of sprats and cream but we had capers and oat cream instead. Dessert was a creamy rice pudding (risgrynsgröt). 

Despite the distinct lack of bright, fresh vegetables, it was all quite good and very filling. Jonathan claims there are never lots of vegetables. My book has about 10 different recipes just for cabbage but not a huge variety of other veggies. We had planned to make pickled aubergine to replace the pickled herring but we didn't find any nice aubergines to pickle. Maybe next year. 

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