ready for Christmas / embracing madness

Mince pie in the making
Mince pies did get made πŸ™‚

Despite my earlier outreach, ‘do what you want and only what you want‘ festive post there has been some mad running around, buying and spending for certain relatives… Others have popped by unannounced when, unfortunately, I had some avocado smeared on my face (it’s a great moisturising facepack) and had forgotten about it. Passing a mirror after they had gone, I spied a blob of green in an eyebrow. It is my belief that they rather enjoy thinking I’m mad so, you know, just spreading the joy πŸ˜€

However, there has also been a lovely visit to the cinema and health food shops, huge delivery of firewood and the following pictorial festive activities:

Cake, pies and chocolate

The Christmas cake was winged recipe-less and is incredibly crumbly but delicious, Charlotte made gorgeous mince pies and that’s Cat’s white hot chocolate which is lush.


Diving under the Christmas tree has gone on…

Tree dive

There was an early morning walk through the frost to release a mouse from a live capture trap… with an entourage of cats and dogs (see poorly lit photo below)…

*Joyfully embraces perceived insanity*


To Do list: dance around to cheesy Christmas tunes; wear my Santa hat; cook Christmas dinner; make a chocolate log cake, maybe a trifle too; watch rubbishy Christmas films; wear tinsel in my hair; hug and kiss the people I love and generally behave with the lack of decorum now expected of me πŸ™‚


MistletoeSparkly Yuletide Wishes to You too! Santahat

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