white hot chocolate


It's got to that pre-christmas time where it's time for me to sit back,  check over my lists and enjoy the roaring fire. I need to have a day or two of calmness so that a) I can make sure I'm organised and haven't forgotten anything important and b) I want to just enjoy the decorations and the beauty of the season. It's too easy to be so involved in creating the perfect christmas that you don't get to enjoy it yourself. That won't be happening here.

All I have done is make hot chocolate. Heat your milk of choice (mine is soya) and then take off heat and empty in a packet (or 2) of dairy free White chocolate buttons. Whisk until melted then drink. Hardly a recipe. I topped mine with cocoa powder and nutmeg and drank it while writing the other Christmas cards. Everyone has other christmas cards right? After sending out my cards I relax with the sense of a job well done until, over the next few days, I suddenly remember the other 40 people I forgot about as they aren't in my address book. So that's what I've been up to well that and updating my address book!

Off to put my feet up


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