nutty trees and seedy balls

Holly shaped tree deccie
We’re making chocolate tree decorations!

You will need: chocolate; things to mix into chocolate, I used chopped walnuts in the trees and sunflower and linseeds in the baubles and holly, dried fruit would also be nice; chocolate moulds; coloured foil; pan and bowl for bain marie; sticky tape and thread or ribbon for hanging πŸ™‚

Set up your bain marie (bowl over pan of hot water for gentle melting of chocolate) and melt chocolate, then stir in your added ingredients.

Stirring in the seeds…

Spoon into moulds, I added some white chocolate buttons to the seedy ones which worked very deliciously (they didn’t all make it to the tree). Allow to cool and set, fastest in the fridge, and then persuade out of moulds.

Nutty trees all in a ring…

Tree innards
Inside of nutty tree, these are definitley the winners. The seedy ones are chewier.

Now comes the part where you get to feel like a ham fisted Generation Game contestant! Wrap them in foil as neatly as possible πŸ™‚


Tape your threads/ribbons on:


Hang on tree, give away or scoff instantly πŸ™‚ Enjoy festive comments such as, “can’t we just eat them all right now?” and “please don’t call them seedy balls”…

Seedy ball

More homemade festive sweet ideas here

Please note that Cat has now added some extra tips to her gorgeous Garlic Lemon Seitan Roast below πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “nutty trees and seedy balls

  1. Hannah, she can make some for me too if you persuade her!
    Lucy, they look delicious! We havent been able to have chocolates on the tree since getting a greedy dog!

  2. Yes Hannah, your mum can make these and my kids can make the Lucia buns… it’s a plan πŸ™‚
    I was a bit worried about ours with dog/cats but they’re old now – I don’t think they’ve even noticed!

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