First of Advent

Sunday was the first of Advent so, although it is still November, it is perfectly reasonable to start Christmas decorating and crack open the glögg. Some people began even earlier! Windows are already filled with electric advent lights. In office buildings there is usually one advent light in every window so there can be hundreds in a single building. This is a giant one in Hallsberg:


First of advent also means Christmas markets. We went to one in Örebro. It wasn't that exciting. There were lots of sausages and wreaths made of spruce branches. It may have been more enjoyable had it not been so cold, wet and windy. My favourite stall had lots of little jultomtar which were quite sweet. (Click the photo for a better look at the tomtar.)


Julbockar, or yule goats, are another popular Christmas decoration here. Apparently it comes from the old, Pagan tradition of slaughtering goats during the yule festivities. If there would have been space in my suitcase, I would have brought one of these home for my mother:


I'm sure she would have loved it. I gave here one made of straw last year but it was only about 15 cm tall, puny in comparison. We have a straw goat in our flat which comes up to my knee. The cat enjoys biting it and using it as a scratching post. He would have fun getting tangled in the lights around this goat:

Lysande getabock


5 thoughts on “First of Advent

  1. beautiful pictures, I really like the educational value of your Swedish posts too… and I really want a Yule Goat now, preferably a gift giving one:D

  2. Me too. I’ll have a gift giving goat too. Love that picture of the Goats Jonathan…homely, yet slightly sinister too!
    Wonder if they would be easy to make? They look deceptively easy but maybe they are harder in reality.

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