Introducing our festive countdown

(A seventies christmas  with excellent photo composition. This was the best christmas ever)

Mid November, a sensible time to start thinking about winter festivities. Too early to start putting up decorations and playing christmas music (do you hear me retailers?!) but just right for mince pies, gingerbread, mixed spice and mulled wine. It's the perfect time to start thinking of (if not planning) all the festive edibles (unless you live in the USA as you'll probably want to get Thanksgiving out of the way) and maybe try and remember where you put the decorations.

What, I think, we plan to attempt over the next few weeks is to provide some information on being a vegan at a time of year where meat ( turkey, goose & ham) and dairy (all those selection boxes!) seem to take over. However, if you're not vegan a) you can still eat vegan food y'know. It is delicious after all and b) it will all end up being more than just about food.

I hope you'll all join in with your own ideas, recipes and traditions.

(a bonus  first day post will be up later this afternoon)


2 thoughts on “Introducing our festive countdown

  1. love that you have a ‘best Christmas ever’ to remember. We’ve been trying to think what ours might be and think it must be last Christmas in it’s simplicity and quiet… also love the 70s photos and their colour quality. The presents are very enticing looking too…

  2. Love that the presents are all wrapped in crepe paper! I was very young that christmas but do remember it being the most exciting one ever.
    I had to tweak that photo massively as it was just one big shade of seventies orange before!
    A Quiet christmas is what we want this year. Surprisingly, with it being babys first, I think well be left in peace.

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