So, this is how we roll around here. Headband to cover unwashed hair (but also functionally keeps my ears warm)? Check. Impractical black to show off food stains? Check. Oversized (maternity) tracksuit bottoms which make me look 2 dress sizes larger? Check. Now repeat every. single. day. It's a good look, non? At least I get dressed.


(I do have nice clothes but I've found that my skin tight wiggle dresses aren't conducive to breast feeding and stilettos just feel straight up dangerous)

Other things:

  • 10 minutes of quick tidying in each room everyday is paying off big time. House looks at least presentable and it saves me spending whole days cleaning. More time for filing nails and drinking gin.
  • Every pen I pick up has ceased to function in it's designated capacity. Have found that throwing these out rather than putting them back has massively reduced stress during important phone calls. Although, what can I say, I miss that adrenalin buzz.
  • Our guide to vegan-style festivities starts tomorrow. Not just for vegans though. If you like your food or want ideas for a more Eco/natural/Swedish/generally insane christmas time then please check it out.
  • You can follow us on twitter now too. Check out the sidebar and click follow.



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