Beetroot Pesto

Beetroots are wonderful. You can really work out any bloodlust by pretending a peeled beetroot is a heart or maybe even a kidney. I don't actually know what any organs look like; real innards are gross.

Anyway, if you find yourself with a bunch of beetroots and no plan, try beetroot pesto. It's really simple, I just skipped the cheese. Turned out I didn't have any almonds left so I used hazelnuts instead and added an extra ounce of cashews too. My beets were roasted so it's quite sweet but savoury with a sharp garlic kick and the occasional crunch of a piece of nut. The garlic mellowed out overnight so it wasn't overpowering. So far I've eaten it with spaghetti, potato wedges and spread on bread. Delicious!

Beetroot jam

2 thoughts on “Beetroot Pesto

  1. mmmmmm. love beetroot and i’m eating it quite a lot at the moment. might try this but with toasted walnuts as i’m eating lots of them too.

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