Pumpkin Soup for Halloween

Happy Halloween/Samhain/last day of Vegan MoFo!

Yesterday started with this:

Looks something like the shape of that hill in Close Encounters of the Third Kind right? Some sort of unexplained phenomenon was, indeed, occurring. It was 8.05 AM on a Sunday morning and I was kneading 3kg of flour into bread dough. I don't know what madness had taken hold. It would have been equally miraculous if it was still 9.05AM, the clocks not having gone back…

Pumkin mess
Things then got a bit messy…

Now it may look like a giant pan of crusty custard but it was actually scrummy rich soup made thus:

Scrape the flesh out of two pumpkins. Place in pan with 2 onions, lots of garlic (8 cloves in this case) and a little curry powder. Cook up with plenty water and some sea salt. Add a handful or two of cashew nuts and blend. The squashes in question yeilded so much flesh that it had to be blended in instalments.

Served with rosemary and garlic bread – just add some chopped rosemary and garlic to the dough as you knead it. Onions and other herbs also work really well. Poppy seeds would have been a perfect addition too but I didn't have any.

Don't be scared if the pumpkin fixes you with a hypnotic smiling stare. It is your friend really.


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